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Product Image Ironside Edge Works Lapel Knife

Ironside Edge Works Lapel Knife

$ 99.00

The Lapel Dagger became famous as a World War Two hideout knife, typically very short with a vestigial hilt that was grasped between the thumb and forefinger, and a cord loop that passed over the forefinger, which could serve to add retention or help manipulate the blade in the open, the way you might flip a set of keys around your finger.

Originally the lapel dagger came with a leather sheath that could be sewn into clothing, up a sleeve, or as its name would suggest, behind the lapel of a jacket. This was a popular technique during the Second World War, used by the likes of resistance agents and OSS / SOE alike.

The Ironside Lapel Dagger is a homage to this famous concealed last ditch weapon. The blade is short, just under 2 inches in length, with an asymmetric grind, making the tip of the blade sharp but still robust. This little blade is perfect for use on soft targets around the face and neck. These types of weapons are best used to create opportunity to escape.

The Lapel Dagger facilitates this further by being easy to conceal in a number of ways. The Kydex sheath can be sewn into clothing like the traditional one was, or can be used with the supplied micro-cord static line. The sheath is also very capable of being pushed off the blade with your thumb for discreet access inside a pocket. These little knives are each individually free hand ground with a resin coated micro cord grip.

OAL - 3.35” full tang fixed blade

Blade - 1 15/16” (1 ⅝” sharpened) cold blued, double ground, chisel in 80CRV2

Handle - 1 3/16” nano cord wrap with lanyard hole 

Weight - 1.1 oz


Comes with a Kydex sheath, micro cord static line retention and a COA

Source - New from the maker 

Handmade  in South Africa  

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