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Product Image Koch Tools Duo-X

Koch Tools Duo-X

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"The Duo-X is the third and last generation from the Duo family. From the Duo , to the Deuce and then to this final model I've made slight changes that I think you all will like. Just as upgraded from the Solo 2.0 to the 2.1 on these we added the machined chamfers on both sides easing all of the edges more and adding a little more depth to the appearance. This version has a shortened and widened prybar that protrudes less than the deuce did, also the bit area has been compacted along with the lanyard hole making these overall 2.8" long and 1.75" wide. All of the features remain the same , bottle opener at the loop opening, prybar, double ended bit with a 1/4" hex slot to use as a light duty screwdriver, and a lanyard hole for keys or whatever you may want to hang from it. These can be hung from your belt loop or hook on your pocket draping whatever is mounted to it in your pocket for a quick retrieve. I hope you guys like the Duo-X!" - Koch

Made in USA