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We offer a FREE Layaway program. There are no hidden fee's, interest or penalties for early payoff. This is available on anything in the store over $200. To use layaway on an item, please email us at sales@empireoutfitter.com.

For payment on a Layaway item, we will accept a Money Order, a Bank Check, or a Credit Card. The item will be held up to 60 days. The total amount of the order including shipping is divided into three 3 equal payments. The first payment is due with the order, the second payment is due 30 days later, and the final payment is due 60 days after the order. If you cancel your layaway or If you should miss a payment (a 48hr grace period is given), a refund will be made minus a non-refundable Deposit (See Below for Deposit details ** which is included in your first payment) and the items will be put back up for sale. 



Your item is $500 plus $10 shipping so that would equate to

  • $170 due at time of order (a $200 nonrefundable deposit is included in this payment) 
  • $170 due 30 days after date of order
  • $170 due 60 days after date of order

If you are paying with Credit Card we will set up a secure checkout for you to use once you have contacted us. 

For payments made other than credit card, payment must be received within seven (7) days of the due date or the order is subject to cancellation. After 7 days your order may be cancelled at our discretion and we will refund you the money less the $50 deposit.

If you wish to complete payment early and have your order shipped, you may contact us at any time during the 60 day period. There is no penalty for early payment. 

A new layaway ticket will be started for any additional items you may wish to put on layaway. 


**Non-refundable Deposit

Item $499 or less, the non-refundable deposit will be $100

Item $500 or more, the non-refundable deposit is $200