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Best Knife

What's the best EDC Knife? What do you carry? 

Here are some of my important factors for EDC (Everyday Carry) Knives. 

Personally I carry 2 knives on me, always. One that never gets used and is strictly for self defense and the other is a utility knife that is used all day, every day. I usually have one fixed blade and one folding knife. The key for me is they're always in the same spot. I do not switch pockets, positions on the body, nothing. Under stress you want them to always be where you need them to be. 

I tend to like a smaller fixed blade for an EDC knife carried in a minimalist kydex sheath with a Mummert Knives Titanium Clip. Typically I prefer the knife to have a 2"-4" blade that is around.190" thick in a good quality steel such as S30V or a high grade Titanium like 6Al-4V. Titanium has a great advantage of high strength to weight ratio while also being highly corrosion resistant. Some great examples are any of Ban Tang's knives, Daniel Fairly Kwaiken, John Gray Accomplice, Kingdom Armory Grayling. 
For a folding knife I prefer a Titanium chassis framelock that has an opening hole or thumbstud with a blade of high quality steel or titanium that is 3"-4" and rides on Phosphor Bronze washers. I'm not a big fan of flipping knives and blades that ride on bearings. I do not use pocket clips since they always seem to either scratch up your car door, steering wheel, desk, whatever, and also seem to catch on clothes and come right out of your pocket. I deep carry knives of use a MDTS Pocket sheild to keep the knife in the same spot every time. When knives are carried deep in your pocket they tend to collect dust, line, dirt, sand, coins! anything really and that will hinder a flipper or even completely clog up the bearings and render it useless. When you need your knife, you want it to open and usually with one hand. Some great examples of folding knives are...