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Product Image Daniel Fairly Bronze Titanium Backpacker - Free Shipping

Daniel Fairly Bronze Titanium Backpacker - Free Shipping

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The Backpacking, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Boating, Diving, Survival, Back Country, Mountain Climbing, Every Day Carry Knife and more...

It weighs almost nothing and will never rust.

OAL - 6" OAL Bronze Anodized Finish
Blade - 2.5" Chisel Grind 6al4v Titanium with 72 RC Tungsten Carbide Edge
Handle - 1/16" Thick Titanium with Chamfered edges and rounded spine for comfort.
Weight -
Source - New from Maker
Made in the USA
Comes with a signed COA and kydex sheath

Free Shipping

Right hand dominant chisel grind with back bevel for versatility and ease of sharpening
The Tungsten Carbide Edge excels with abrasive materials such as cardboard, very aggressive with meat, vegetables, cloth, cord, softer materials, etc... 
They come with a custom Kydex sheath and signed card. The sheath has removable  hardware for flexibility and ease of cleaning. The sheath is pocket, necker, static cord and tek-lok compatible.