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Product Image Jake Hoback Kwaiback UHEP - Free Shipping

Jake Hoback Kwaiback UHEP - Free Shipping

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Hoback pulled out all the stops on this knife. These knives will have all of the exact same features as Jakes custom shop work. He didn't dumb down this knife, nor cheap out on materials or hardware. This will rival his customs in fit/finish/materials/ and quality. Jake said "I plan to make this the best knife I can possibly make it end of story. I believe my hands on approach with help immensely with this project. Thchine shop will be machining and assembling the knives exactly as I would in my shop because I will be there with them every step of the way to show them how I expect it to be done."


Blade- .1875 thick, CPM 20CV stainless steel, with a stonewash finish (more finishes later)

Frame- .1875 thick titanium, fullers, stonewashed finish

Other features:

Pivot thrust bearings
HRD (Hoback Roller Detent)
Hardened stainless steel lock insert with over travel prevention
Engineered internal lightening pockets
Standard sizes on all screws for ease of replacement
Cold formed bearing races (work hardened to increase bearing and knife life)


Source - New from Maker

Comes in a wooden box


Made in USA

Free Shipping