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Product Image JW Knives 1/4" Brass G6 Bandicoot - Free Shipping

JW Knives 1/4" Brass G6 Bandicoot - Free Shipping

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- Brass Key chain tool, Fully hand ground and finished 
- .250" Thick solid brass, 3" long
- Pry Bar / Flat Head screwdriver tip / Bottle opener
- Large ring hole, inner diameter .97".  Same as US mens ring size 16
- Chamfered 1/4" Hex, 7/16" Hex Openings.  1911 style wrench tool, based off Kimber 1911
- Section of jimping on top of tool
- "Industrial Antique" finish.  120 grit belt satin, light patina and long tumble give these a unique industrial feel
- Each tool is unique, the one you receive will be similar to those pictured


Made in Canada

Free Shipping


*NOTE* Brass is relatively soft compared to bronze and titanium, the pry bar end has been left slightly thicker to help accommodate for this.