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Product Image MGL “Hot Tamale” Coin Purse - Free Shipping

MGL “Hot Tamale” Coin Purse - Free Shipping

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MGL “Hot Tamale” Less-Lethal Coin Purse.
  Designed primarily as a “Coin Purse” to be carried on the belt where it is readily available in time of need. The MGL “Hot Tamale” is for spare change, but can also be to use as personal defense if necessary. As it a “Coin Purse”, it may be carried where other lethal weapons are not permitted by laws.  The flap of the “Coin Purse’ fold over to protect the zippered opening and doubles as the belt loop to be worn on a persons belt for effortless extraction. This flap is also secured by a Directional Security Snap which prevents accidental release if snagged upon to prevent loss.  Handmade construction with US High Quality Leathers, Zipper and Security Snap are made of brass.