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Product Image Princess Pink BeerDefender for MaKennah - Free Shipping

Princess Pink BeerDefender for MaKennah - Free Shipping

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100% of this sale (yes, all $49/$59) will be donated to MaKennah! 

6-year-old MaKennah who is a first grade student at Washington-Franklin Elementary in Farmington, was recently diagnosed with a stage four cancerous tumor on her brain stem.

MaKennah, an active little girl, is currently undergoing tests. Her parents, Ashley and Nathan, have already been told that the tumor is inoperable and the MRI that was done Thursday night showed an amount of blood in the tumor that will not allow them to do a biopsy.

On Friday morning they were doing a port placement on her, which can remain in place for several weeks, months, or even years, and can be used to reduce the number of needle sticks in the vein, provide chemotherapy or other treatments that last longer than one day, give more than one type of chemotherapy or other treatment at a time and allow blood testing and treatment on the same day with only one needle stick through the skin.

MaKennah is unable to attend school while she goes through testing and treatments. The cancer, otherwise known as Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma or DIPG is a very rare form of cancer that is terminal and only affects children.

If you don't want to purchase a BeerDefender but still want to contribute to help this beautiful little girl, please send your donations to  the Miracles for Makennah Paypal - miraclesformakennah@hotmail.com

BeerDefenders and BeerAcudas were donated by Empire Outfitters.

Southern Cerakote (http://www.southerncerakote.com/) Donated the HOT pink Cerakote so make sure you give them a follow @SoutherCerakote on IG!


This a VERY limited edition run. Act now to get yours!

You can read more about MaKennah and her fight here 


and Keep up with her on Facebook here



100% of this sale (YES! ALL $49/$59) will be donated to Makennah - Shipping is also on us! 

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