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Product Image Ramon Chaves D2 Key Tool - Free Shipping

Ramon Chaves D2 Key Tool - Free Shipping

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The Chaves Key Tool  is designed to mimic Ramon’s trademark Chaves Knives Logo with the function of a few tools.  Plus it just looks great on your keyring. 

The Chaves Key Tool

  • Overall Length: 3.5
  • Tool Thickness: .300″
  • Tool Material: CPM D-2
  • Function #1: Look Cool
  • Function #2: Remove beverage bottle top
  • Function #3: Turn 1/4″ screw driver bits
  • Function #4: Use Tip as a flat head screw driver or light prying
  • Weight: 2.0 oz.
  • Finish: Acid etched and tumbled
  • Brand: Chaves Knives
  • Country of Origin: USA

Photo Credit Ramon Chaves